We often discuss proper diet and oral hygiene to our patients as part of their wellness visits. A child’s diet can grossly impact their oral, and overall health, and assessing a child’s ability to keep their mouth clean on a daily basis will significantly decrease their susceptibility to cavities.

It is important to note what your child’s diet consists of, and to keep in mind the foods and drinks that your child may be consuming may be nutritious for their body, but promote cavities and bacterial growth in their mouth. Foods that we feel are healthy and nutritious may be detrimental to teeth. For example, while dried fruit is a great alternative to more sugary, processed snacks, the mouth cannot decipher between the natural foods and processed foods when it comes to stickiness and breaking down into sugars. Both can cause cavities. Additionally, the pH of foods and drinks can also be a strong factor in oral health maintenance.

Fat soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K are great for cavity prevention, and minimizing sugary drinks throughout the day is key. We are happy to discuss these and more ways we can assist you child’s diet and home care routine.